Green Apple is a global movement to have all children in schools where they have clean and healthy air to breathe, where energy and resources are conserved, and where they can be inspired to dream of a brighter future. The focus of Green Apple is to promote sustainable schools that practice, teach, and support environmentally responsible choices. It intends to advocate and ensure schools demonstrate commitment to the environment. The International Green Apple Day of Service is marked as a day when students, teachers, parents, green building councils and entire communities come together in support of healthy, sustainable schools by taking real action in their communities. Last year nearly 50 countries reported holding Green Apple Day events.

Education is a fundamental aspect of every society across the world. In schools, we find the next generation of leaders who will ultimately be responsible for putting green ideas into practice hence the need to help students acquire a basic appreciation on the importance of protecting the environment and acquire skills to be good stewards of the environment. Schools should also be places that are conducive to learning–places that are healthy, safe, engaging and comfortable. Yet many schools lack the resources or necessary information needed to provide a supportive environment. The Green Apple Day of Service initiative is purely a voluntary effort; it relies on the goodwill of individuals and communities. It provides communities with the opportunity to show their commitment to improving their local schools by giving individuals, parents, teachers, students, companies and organizations the opportunity to transform schools into healthy, safe and productive learning environments through local project

  • Sponsor a school to go green.
  • Sponsor the National Coalition for Green Schools in Kenya.

Green Building Councils have shared interests and encounter similar challenges and opportunities, and the World Green Building Council's global projects and partnerships enable us to connect and collaborate so we can achieve results faster and more effectively.

In a world where businesses increasingly operate globally, collaboration by Green Building Councils also helps the building sector deliver more green buildings around the world.

We recognise the built environment’s contribution to climate change, we realise that through strategic partnerships, we are able to tackle sustainability on a much broader scale.

While our core business remains the greening of the commercial property sector, we are committed to engaging in sustainability on a social and environmental level.Kindly use the contact us page to invite us to your event!

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